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Allied members are those organizations that have a reciprocal relationship with the United States Ice Rink Association. The United States Ice Rink Association continues to support events and operations of the regional rink associations listed below through educational programming, advertising, sponsorships, trade show booth space, and event promotions.

The Minnesota Ice Arena Manager's Association (MIAMA) was formed in 1975 by a group of arena personnel and allied businesses dedicated to improving the industry by sharing of information, innovative ideas and techniques through meetings, seminars, newsletters and surveys. The Association stresses a close working relationship between all sectors of the industry; from management to maintenance and suppliers.

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Since 1972 the North East Ice Skating Managers Association (NEISMA) has disseminated technical information and conducted seminars on rink equipment, energy, air quality, marketing, skating programs, maintenance and safety. NEISMA provides the professional rink manager with the technical information needed to operate a safe, efficient and profitable facility.

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The Rocky Mountain Rink Association (RMRA) was formed in 2015 when 16 facilities came together to talk about the need for a membership organization dedicated to serving rinks in Colorado. That idea was expanded to include the Rocky Mountain Region as rinks from Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico became interested in partnering with a constantly growing group of rink professionals.

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The Wisconsin Ice Arena Management Association (WIAMA), founded in 1992, is a growing volunteer group of ice arena personnel dedicated to improve and standardize procedures and operations in existing and new facilities. To achieve these goals, meetings, mailings, and seminars are scheduled throughout the year to assist in the development of all of those employees that participate as members of the Association and attend the programs provided.

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Our 18th annual educational conference and trade show will take place May 19-22, 2020 in Buffalo, NY. NARCE gives you the unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with professionals from around North America. Registration starts January 1, 2020

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